This page provides step by step tutorials for learning how to use nanoStudio, these tutorials will guide you through the editor tools and explain how they can be used to create dynamic web experiences in 3D.

For documentation about the nunu scripting API check the API Documentation page.

Getting started

These tutorials introduce the basic contents of the platform, do not require any previous programming knowledge and explore the most basic features of the editor.

01 Editor Basics

This tutorials introduces the editor UI and some basic features.

02 First script

This tutorial explains the basics about scripting inside nunuStudio.

03 Cameras

This tutorial introduces the different camera types available and how to use them

04 Materials

This tutorials explains what a material is and what types of materials are available.

05 Particles

This tutorials introduces particles and the particle editor.

06 Audio

Audio inside nunuStudio. Effects, positional audio and basic scripting.

07 Text

Text basics inside nunu, create text objects, import external fonts, control text.

08 Physics

How to add, use and control physics objects inside nunuStudio.

09 Gyroscope

Use gyroscope to control objects and create panoramic visualizations.

10 Virtual Reality

Create a virtual reality project using nunuStudio.

11 Raycasting

Use a raycaster to interact with 3D objects using the mouse.

12 Animation

Guide to create and import 2D and 3D animations into the editor.

13 Water

Create a 3D water effect using materials and textures.

14 Joystick

Use an external library to integrate a onscreen joystick.

15 Timeline

Timeline editor to create animations.

16 Post-processing

Post-procesing camera effects pipeline.

17 Video

How to import and use video files in nunuStudio.

18 Shaders

Build new materials using GLSL shader code.

19 Terrain

Learn how to use existing three.js based libraries.


These tutorials will help you to build your first fully functional games and experiences inside nunuStudio with step by step guides. Before starting these i recommend you to first experiment with some of the beginner guides.

01 Platformer Game

This tutorial will teach you how to create a mario style platformer game.

02 Multiplayer Shooter

In this tutorial we will explore how to create a networked mutiplayer game using websockets and nodejs.


These guides will help you to integrate nunuStudio applications inside you webpage, how to tranfer data between the webpage and the application, etc. For these guides more advanced javascript knowledge is required.

01 Embedding

This guide will help you to embedd nunuStudio applications inside your webpage.

02 Communication

Learn how to tranfer data between your running applications and you webpage.