API Documentation

  • nunuStudio is a open source three.js based 3D graphics framework. With nunuStudio its possible to create complex 3D scenes easily.

  • nunuStudio is built on top of three.js, scripts inside nunuStudio can access all three.js elements and the documentation available on the three.js webpage should be used as a reference.

  • The sourcecode is available on Github. Everybody is welcome to help and contribute to the project.

  • This page provides documentation for the API used to create scripts inside the nunuStudio editor used to control 3D objects, multimedia elements and user interaction.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Press s to focus the API search box.

  • Use Up and Down to select classes, modules, and search results.

  • With the API search box or sidebar focused, use -Left or -Right to switch sidebar tabs.

  • With the API search box or sidebar focused, use Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right to switch sidebar tabs.